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UTHV Network Edit

1967-1990 Edit


GoAnimate Network (First Era) Edit

1990-1996 Edit

1996-May 1, 1999, 2000-2007, 2013-2018 Edit

GoAnimate Network Sign Off 2000s

GoAnimate Network Sign Off 2000s

September 1, 1997-September 9, 2001 Edit


2001-2008 Edit

Go!Animate Network (First Era) Edit

2008-2010 Edit

2010-November 10, 2011 Edit

Goanimate Network (1986-2013)
Goanimate Network (1971-1976)
Goanimate Network (1976-1980)

November 10, 2011-2013 Edit

Go!Animate Network logo

GoAnimate Network (Second Era) Edit

2013-September 1, 2015, 2013-2015 Edit

Goanimate Network (2013-present)

September 1, 2015-2018 (UK, Franoreaimate, International (2015-2017) with Brazil) Edit


2018-2019 (UK) Edit

Screen 2

GoAnimate Network, at was replaced by Vyond Network.

On February 1, 2018, GoAnimate network was Acquired By Gulf+Western, Total Wonder Organization.

Go!Animate Network (Second Era) Edit

2014-2015 Edit

GAN (WGO - TV1) Logo 710px-0

2015-2017,2018 Edit

Go!Animate Network (2016,present)
Go!Animate Network (2016,present) black
On-screen bug 2018-present

On-Screen Bug (2015-2017,2018)

2017-2018 Edit

GoAnimate Network 2016 logo (1)

These logos were used for Go!Animate Network from March 2017 until January 2018, due to the fact that GN will get sued by its supporter Cartoon Network. As of January 2018, Go!Animate Network was reverted back to its original logo.

Vyond Network Edit

2018-present (USA, Franoreaimate), 2019-present (UK) Edit

Vyond Network BLUE 18
Vyond Network Logo 2
Vyond Network Logo 4
Vyond Network Logo 5
Vyond Network Logo 6
Vyond Network Logo 7
Vyond Network Logo 1
Vyond Network Logo 8
Vyond Network Logo 9
On February 25, 2017, GoAnimate network was Acquired By Gulf+Western, Total Wonder Organization.

ON MAY 11 2018