• FinnyRises

    Dudebross Network

    December 19, 2018 by FinnyRises

    Dudebross Network is a 24-hour TV channel by DudeWorks and AmazonWorks

    • Dudebross Retro!
    • [dudeswim]
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  • PFlims207Researcher

    Vyond Network

    August 27, 2018 by PFlims207Researcher

    ATTENTION: This information is on under construction, and it will be coming soon.

    Go!Animate Network is now changing to Vyond Network. Vyond Network will now have our brand, new shows, and some of the new original music. (I guess). This will be the new original style of the 2D animation bumpers, pattern, speech circle bubbles above the head of the cartoon characters. Instead of any check it era (which is first, 3.0) The New Era is called, ToonDlux. Toon and Deluxe. ToonDlux is an original era name because the word deluxe remove both e

    • Animated Bumpers
    • Video Frame Bumpers
    • Original 8-Bit Soundtracks
    • Used Soundtracks (Giving by Credit)
    • Smooth Next Bumpers
    • New Line-ups
    • New Logos
    • New Shows, and Cartoons
    • Colors of Vyond Network Stuff: Blue, Orange, Gray, …

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